What is Facebook Pixel? And how does this work?

If you use Facebook Ads to bring traffic to your website. So this information will help you to understand your audience smartly.

How? See, you may have spent a lot of time shopping from Amazon and if not, then at least you must have searched about a product by visiting Amazon’s website and saved any product in a cart.

Even though you have not bought that product, whenever you go to Facebook or any other social media, you get to see the ad of that product.

So here is the question that will come to your mind quite often: how does this happen? How does Amazon know that you have searched about a product by visiting their website or have saved any of their products in the cart? The answer is Facebook Pixel.

Today we will see about a very advanced and useful feature of Facebook Ads is Facebook Pixel.

What is Facebook Pixel? How does it work? We are going to see all this today.

To understand all these in-depth, we will take the help of some examples,

For example, suppose we have a website and visitors come to this website from different sources.

Now, where can these users or visitors come from? These users can come from social media, we have run paid ads on social media from there.

Like we have run ads campaigns on Facebook and if you also bring traffic to your website from Facebook ads then you will know that to run ads you have to take the help of Facebook Ads Manager.

In such a situation, 1000 visitors have come to your site from different sources and we want to show Facebook Ad to these 1000 people only. What do we have to do about this? The answer is Pixel, with the help of this we can show ads only to those 1000 people who have visited our site in the last 30 days.

We are not running Interest Targeting Ads that people who are interested in blogging or web hosting have to show ads. We have to show the ads to those 1000 visitors who have come to our website in the last 30 days.

When we run the ad, how do we know who to show the ad to? For this, we select the section with the ad audience. Now to show ads to those 1000 people, we have to bring them as an audience in our Facebook Ad Account. In a way, it can also be said that our website has to be connected to an FB Ad Account.

So how will this connection be made? This connection is made with the help of Facebook Pixel.

What is Facebook Pixel?

Facebook Pixel is an Analytical Tool or Tracking Code, which helps you get better traffic. Facebook Pixel tracks users who visit your website and sends their details to Facebook Ad Manager. Facebook Pixel tracks users who have come to your website from different sources so that with the help of that data you can show Facebook ads only to those who have visited your site before or already know about your brand. Is.

How does Facebook Pixel work?

You have to put the Facebook Pixel code on your website. After putting it on your website, it keeps sending information about all the visitors or whatever actions are taking place on your website to Pixel Ad Manager.

If Facebook Pixel is not there, then we will not be able to bring information about what is happening on our website in the Facebook Ad Manager. Now the users who have come to our website and if you want to display ads to them, then we have to bring their information to the ads manager.

To do such advanced marketing, we need Facebook Pixel. We can also call this Remarketing or Retargeting. We have to install Facebook Pixel on all pages of our site because Facebook Pixel works at page level. You can create different Pixels for different pages.

Like we have 3 pages on our website and we have installed Facebook Pixel code on only 2 pages. In such a situation, only the information of those 2 pages will go to the Facebook Ad Account and no information of the page on which the code is attached will not go to the ad account.


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