Top 15 YouTube Shorts Videos Channel Ideas For 2021

YouTube Shorts, nowadays you will be hearing a lot that YouTube is investing so much in Shorts, providing so many benefits and very good updates are going to come in the coming time.

Many people would think that we want to do YouTube Shorts, but they have neither any category nor any topic? On which topic you should create our YouTube short channel. Today we will share with you the names of the top 15 youtube shorts categories or ideas, such ideas on which you can make your channel.

The 15 ideas that we are going to tell you are quite famous in today’s time and can also rank quickly.

Top 15 Ideas to Create a YouTube Shorts Channel

Health And Fitness

A lot comes in Health and Fitness like Yoga, Aerobics, Gym Instructor, and much more. You can also give diet tips that what time you should eat. If your weight is so much, your height is so, then you should take care of this diet, these types of tips you should give. You have nothing to do, just whatever you know of, you can do it easily in fitness.

If you have knowledge of yoga, then tell the asanas one by one. Like Abs exercises, chest exercises, shoulder biceps exercises, triceps exercises these types of exercises can be told if you are a gym instructor. If you create a short channel along with the work you are doing, then not much you have to do. You have to make videos up to 60 seconds, which means making videos up to a maximum of 1 minute.

Makeup And Hairstyle

This is a category that can be done by both boys or girls. You can tell your tips in makeup, you can also tell tips in hairstyle. This thing happens inside all the girls, everyone has their own experience. At this time you are absolutely free, so you can make your channel and give tips to everyone. If your channel starts growing then you will definitely get benefits in the coming time.


You can tell about the dressing sense of girl/boy in fashion. Going to a party, going to the office, going to the market, going with a friend, going on a date, what kind of dressing sense should one have? What kind of clothes did you wear? how to wear How to get up / how to sit? You can tell about all these in the video.

You can also tell about personality development. All these things nowadays if everyone wants to update himself, then there will definitely be an improvement in his personality.


Entertainment is a category that always goes on. Which movie is going to come in Bollywood, this is going down a bit right now but the trend of web series is going on a lot at this time. You can give its review, release date, in fact, you can also make a video on the trailer.

It is not necessary that Bollywood will always run like this. You can give tips on South’s movies, Bollywood Movies, Web Series. Not only children but also all age groups people watch this type of content. Such channels are also growing quite a lot.


If you know a little bit about the Horoscope, so you can make videos on it. Solar eclipses, lunar eclipses keep happening all these things. A few days ago there was a lunar eclipse too. Everyone wants to know about his birth chart, about job, career, future, love, and many more things.

If you have knowledge of it then you can give it too. In this, you will get a lot of content. We have so many zodiac signs, you put your shorts videos on each zodiac sign one by one.


You can tell in detail about government jobs and private jobs if you have knowledge about it. Otherwise, you will search on the internet, which job is coming in government or private. What is the job position, where is the location, you can cover everything.

Everyone is looking for jobs at this time because after the lockdown everyone will be searching for jobs. This channel will also grow very quickly and the biggest thing is that you only have to make a video of up to 1 minute. It will neither take much time nor will it take much of your hard work. Can give information off very quickly and much more.

Share Market

If you have knowledge of the share market then you can share it with everyone. When will the shares of which company go up? When will he come down? Which company will benefit from investing? When to buy and when to sell shares? You can give details about all these.


In Tech, you give mobile reviews, laptop reviews, Camera’s Reviews, Features of these accessories. So many mobiles are being launched every day, you can tell about them. You can tell about the features of the mobile, you can tell about the features of the laptop. Which laptop or mobile is good for gaming, you can give such information in the video.


IPL is not happening right now, T20 is not happening, World Cup is not happening. But it is not that the whole life will go on like this, all this will definitely happen. There is football, there is hockey, there is badminton and there are many other sports about which you can create content. We probably don’t need to tell you how many fans of sports have in India.


Friends, this is such a topic in which you will never be short of content. You can lift the heading from any news website and give an overview of it in your channel. But it depends on what news you have to give.


You can also make your YouTube Shorts channel on top of Jokes. The joke is your funny, double meaning, or poor joke i.e PJ. If you are of funny nature then this is not going to be difficult for you, you can easily make a video on it. You must have seen that cartoon channels grow quickly. There will be no age category in this joke that is seen and enjoyed by people of all ages.


Shayari is sad, it is also romantic, it has double meaning also, it is also funny, it is also on friends, there is also attitude. There are so many categories, you can choose anyone and make a video.


Motivational channels always run, in today’s time, everyone needs motivation. Many such people come under stress, someone has a breakup, someone is not looking for a job, someone has a job but does not feel like it. In today’s time, every person is sitting with his own problem and they all need motivation at some point or the other.

Video / Photo Editing Tips

Many people make YouTube videos, make Instagram videos, create posts, edit photos. You must have seen that people spend a lot of money to edit their photos, but those who do not have money want to learn editing by themselves.

Many people spend lakhs of rupees to learn photo or video editing. You can make videos for such people and if people like your content, your channel will grow very quickly.


Not only girls, but boys are also experts in this field and there are many people who do cooking by watching them on YouTube. You cannot show complete cooking in 1 minute, but there are many such tips that you can give.

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