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What Is Ghost Writing?

Blogging is a field that has made the lives of millions of people. If seen, Google makes the most income through blogging.

Some people on YouTube keep saying that blogging is dead. But if we see the truth, then it is known that blogging is the biggest source of earning for Google. We have also made a detailed article about this, which you can read from the link given below. 

People love blogging so much and perhaps this is the reason why thousands of new bloggers write blogs every day. The people who started the blogging journey 3 to 4 years ago, today they have become the kings of blogging. Some people have been blogging since 2003 or even earlier. 

Blogging made a beautiful life for thousands of people and has also been working to provide their livelihood to thousands of people. People are earning a lot of money not only by creating a blog but also by writing a blog for someone else. Earlier it was that when you go out of the house only then you will get money but today it is not so. Today you can earn millions from home, that too through your laptop or mobile. 

This is also called freelancing, in which people work remotely. They do not need to go out, they can sit at home and work remotely for a few hours or even full time. For which they also get good money. These people who work remotely are called Freelancers and also called Ghost Writers. So today we are going to see about Freelancing or Ghost Writing, 

What Is Ghost Writing?

Ghost Writing means that you work for someone and take money from him in return, but you are not given credit for that work. Like in ghostwriting, you write an article, speech, book, blog post, news, email for someone but you are not given credit for it. In ghost writing, you write something to another person and he gives you money in return for your work and takes credit for your work himself. 

Example 1. Suppose you have a blog and you do not have time or there is some other problem due to which you cannot write yourself. In this way, you hire a writer who will write you 10 blog posts in a month or 10 blog posts in a week.

You will give that writer some money for a blog post and that’s how he will continue to work for you. But you will only give him money, you will not mention the name of that writer or give him credit anywhere in your blog.

Whatever content that writer is writing, it is being published in your name or someone else’s name. Now in such a situation, the writer you have hired has become a freelancer or ghostwriter

Example 2. Suppose you want to write a book, you know but you do not have the writing skills. In such a situation, you hire a good writer, write all the contents of your book well from him and pay him for his work. Later publish that book which will be published in your name and not in the name of that writer.

Why Do People Hire Ghost Writers?

People hire a Ghost Writer for many reasons, some are like 

Don’t Have Writing Skills,

Many people do not have writing skills. Like there is a teacher who teaches digital marketing, he wants to publish a book of his own but he does not have writing skills.

So he can hire a ghostwriter and take work from him by paying some amount to him.

Want To Save Time

Some people have writing skills but they do not want to give their time for that thing. Writing is a difficult thing for which it takes dedication and hard work, then some people read our book with interest.

These things take time and people do not want to give their precious time for them, so they hire a ghostwriter. 

Need More Content In Short Time

Today’s time is for startups and everyone wants to do their own business. In such a situation people start businesses and they need a content writer for their site.

He cannot write so much content by himself and even if he writes by himself, how much. If someone wants more content in work time, that too in less time then they can do their work easily by hiring a ghostwriter. 

What Are The Benefits of Becoming A Ghost Writer?

Less Research

The first advantage you get as a ghostwriter is that you have to do less research.

Whatever happens is already decided, so here you do not have to do so much research. All the research is done by the owner, you just need to write.

Better Pay

When you are not taking credit for the content written by you, then you can also charge more for it. You do not need to worry about whether he will benefit from that content or not.

You just have to write genuine content, whatever else is there, the person writing it will see. 


You get a good experience of the field in which you are working. You can use that experience for your own work as well.

For example, suppose you are writing a blog post for a YouTuber, then you can create a blog of your own.

What Do You Need To Know To Do Ghost Writing?

You should also have writing and editing skills,

If you want to do ghost writing, then you must have good knowledge of writing and editing. Because for whom you are working, they will give you money only when you give them good work.

If you are an expert in writing and editing, then you can charge people more according to your expertise. Let me tell you that some people charge up to Rs 15000 /- to write an email, but they are experts in their field. So the more expert you are, the more will be your income. 

You should come to write lengthy content,

Ghost writing does not mean just writing a blog. As we have seen above, a ghostwriter can write an entire book. In blog posts, we write content only up to 1000 to 2500 words.

But there are also many such projects in which you have to write 20,000 to 50,000 words. Blog posts are done in 2 to 3 hours, but there are projects in which you have to work for a month on only one project, which is also quite big.

So you should know how to write length, in which you can write so much interesting that people can read that 50,000 words with interest. 

Practice writing for others

When writing yourself, you share your own experiences. You share your own opinion with people. But when you write for someone else your opinion doesn’t matter there.

Because you are writing for someone else and that content is going to be published in his name. You have to write keeping in mind the person for whom you are writing. 

Be ready for revision

When you write for yourself as well, you cannot write the perfect article in one go, you have to review it again.

Something similar happens even in ghost writing, when you write for someone, then there are some points that you think are right but they do not feel right. That’s why he can ask for changes too, so you have to be ready for him.

Give the work within the deadline

The time you have told them that I will do your work in 2 days, in 10 days or in 1 month.

So you have to complete that work within your specified time and if possible you can give it even before that.

If you complete your work on time, then your chances of getting more projects increase. 

Ask For Details and Information

Quite often it happens that the ghostwriter does not take the correct details from the next party and he has to face trouble later. After starting the work, they keep asking them for many things.

This may affect your work, your fees may be affected. In such a situation, it would be better that you ask for all the information in advance. What is that, we are going to look ahead

Word Count

The first thing you have to ask is that how long you have to write an article or post or anything. What is the word count of whatever you are about to write?

For example, if there is an article, then you have to ask them that what will be the length of whatever article you have? It will be 1000 words, 2000 words or the article has to be completed in 700-800 words only. You can set your charges according to the word count or you can also take a fix. 

Keyword Requirements

If you are writing for a blog, then the keyword is very important in it. Some many companies or tools provide keywords on which you have to write articles.

So you should take keywords from them so that you do not have trouble in writing the article. If you are giving them all the articles in a month or a week, then you should take its keywords in advance. 


This means that if you are writing an article, then how many headings should be in it, how many subheadings should be there, whether there should be a conclusion part in the post or not.

And if it should be, then also take information about what keywords should be in it. If you are writing a book, then how many chapters should be in it.

You can also take such details. It makes your work easier and reduces the subsequent changes, 


As by the name you must have understood what to do in it. If you are writing for a blog, then ask them whether to do internal linking in the post or not, whether to do external linking or not and then where to do it. The position of the linking also matters a lot, you can also ask about it. 


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