Top 21 Ways to Earn Money Online For Students 2021

In childhood, my uncle told me many times that you should finish your studies once and then earn. Even when they used to meet at a wedding, the same thing happened, even when they used to come home for dinner, it is the same thing that says you should focus on studies. 

Thankfully, we did not listen to them, so we were able to stay ahead in our career, so we were able to do good jobs, earn money online and today we are doing business well.

There are questions from many people that, we are students so that how we can Earn Online along with studies.

So today’s article is for all those students who have the passion to do whatever they can, who do not want to waste their extra time and want to invest it. Those who want to gain experience along with studies, want to Earn Money Online

We will share with you 21 such Ideas, which will benefit the student. We want you will earn money online, you will get experience, you will get the knowledge of how the work is done.

By the time your studies are over, you have money in your bank, you have experience. If you want, you can start with a good job, if you want, you can finish your studies and start your own business.

So out of these 21 options, you will choose the option which will work for you even today and will work in the future also and helps you to Earn Money Online. 

21 Ways to Earn Money Online, Earn $100 Per Day


Our company has hired 5 people who are working for us from home. We give them projects and in return, we give them money as they complete the project.

This thing is called Freelancing, which means that you are not Tied Up with any company, you are not an Employee of any company. Companies or people approach you, giving you work, you take money in return for work.

The freelance industry is going to be 20 to 30 billion-dollar by 2025. Its demand will increase after the lockdown because many companies want to save money.

They would like to give work to freelancers because hiring employees to cost her a seat, office for her, laptop for her. It is cheaper to hire a freelancer than that.

What can you do freelancing? What is such a thing and services that you can give to others from home, you will find many ideas inside this article

Virtual Assistant

Nilesh is trying to build a business, trying to run a company. He has a lot of work, he has a lot of meetings, he has arranged to make calls, operational things are being missed, he is unable to manage properly.

Meaning he needs an assistant but he cannot afford a full-time assistant and how many types of assistants should he keep for so many types of work.

In such cases, thousands of businesses are served, thousands of freshers are served, Virtual Assistant.

Virtual Assistant means you are working for someone through the internet, through the phone remotely. When I started, initially I did not have so many resources, so for 1 year, I worked with a Virtual Assistant.

There is a lot to learn because the person you are assisting will give you so much knowledge, so many experiences he will share with you. You can also decide in which field you want to assist.

Want to do in Admin, Want to do in Operation, Want to do in Calling, Want to help someone in Social media. There are many such sites where you can apply as a virtual assistant. 

Virtual Assistant Job Sites

Virtual Assistant Site 1 

Virtual Assistant Site 2

Online Tuition

I had two friends who used to go to college in the morning, come back home in the afternoon, eat and go back.

But where? He used to give home tuition, go to people’s houses and teach them computers. If you are also good at any subject then you can give online tuition and earn online money.

Online education is going to become a 319 dollar Industry in the next 5 years. In the time of lockdown, people also did it except. Online education has increased a lot, people have understood that it is also cost-effective and there are more benefits in it. 30 crore students go to school in India.

You think how big a market is, you start teaching to juniors, you teach single-handedly alone today online, gradually growing in it, you can make a huge enterprise and earn money online by adding more people to you. 


You can become a video influencer. Videos are growing very fast in India. The reason for that is our population is more, mobile phones are spreading rapidly, the internet is the cheapest in the world in our country.

Because of this, video content is becoming very popular. You must have seen that everyone has started liking watching videos. Instead of reading anything, people have started to love to watch videos.

The data consumption of 80% percent of the internet is data usage, it goes to videos. So think how big a percentage of the internet goes to videos.

You see, related to your subject, related to your skill, related to your hobby, you can create videos of what. It can be cooking, it can be related to biology, you can teach math, you can show your art, you can show craft, you can learn any instrument, you can tell people about what you know through videos.

Any such topic which will benefit people and also benefit you. Give you experience, increase your research, your expertise. You can make videos related to it. Your profile will be strong, your experience will be strong, you can build a business out of it, make you a brand. 


You do not want to show your face, you do not want to come to the camera. But you love to write. So you can go towards blogging, you can write your articles related to your topic.

You can put it on someone else’s website or create your own website. Blogging also has many choices to earn money online. You can earn from Ad Revenue, you can earn from Affiliate.

There is a little competition but not too much that you cannot be successful. 

People are shifting towards videos instead of reading, but if your passion is writing, you like to write, then the internet is growing, blogging is growing, you too can grow.

One more thing many people love to read and according to the study Blogging is not dead and will never die.


Light, Camera, Action. Career If there is a movie, then the trailer of it is called internship. You can become an intern. Many companies, many professionals need interns.

It can be in accountancy, it can be in designing, it can be in digital marketing, it can be in sales, thousands of companies hire interns.

You can go to websites like INTERNSHALA.COM and whatever your skill is, you can apply it to your profile. 

Affiliate Marketing

We have been suggesting to people since childhood that you should buy this, it is good. Imagine if we would have got his commission just by suggesting products to them, then how much money would we have today?

When people buy a product or service at your behest, you get some commission from it. You tell people about a product on your website, on your blog, in your videos, in your social media pages and people buy it.

If you are doing Affiliate Marketing during the lockdown, then you can do Digital Products, you can do E-books, you can do Online Courses and Earn Money Online. 

After the lockdown, now you can do Affiliate Marketing anywhere anytime. If you look related to your field, you are doing engineering, if you have interest in software, then there can be affiliate marketing of software.

If you are doing something medical-related, it can be affiliate marketing of health care products. If you are doing MBA, doing B.COM, have interest in finance then you can earn money online by affiliate marketing of financial products.

Always remember this thing that your hard work should not only give you money but give you benefits throughout your life, give you knowledge, give experience. 

Google Ads

The next option is for those who have an interest in the digital field. You must know how important sales and marketing are for every business.

Now even small businesses are trying to understand how we do marketing digitally. How can we come up in google, how can we bring our business forward in google maps? There comes a huge scope here that the business wants to grow digitally but they do not know how to grow

You can become an expert on Google Ads by doing online courses, you can learn it online and you can give this service to people. You can freelance for companies and run ads for them.

You can tell your mother that the demand for homemade chocolates is increasing, it is my job to sell chocolates online. I know how to bring up business with google maps and how to move forward.

Think how much experience you will have by the end of your studies, maybe you have a business of your own. 

Facebook Business Expert

There are many options on Facebook, you can understand Facebook Business Manager. How to run ads on Facebook and Instagram.

There are many such things as Facebook Marketing, Facebook Sales, Revenue, Leads. You can gradually teach them, you can also give services to the people. 

The one who knows how to sell never dies of hunger if you have that skill in how things are sold digitally. Once you become an Ad Expert then you can hire interns for your business, keep your under employees and create a complete digital marketing agency. 

Video Marketer

Many businesses, shopkeepers, restaurants, salons have asked how we can do marketing through videos. Everyone knows that 4G is spreading rapidly, 5G is ready to come, videos are growing. In such a situation, many companies want to learn and understand how we can do marketing through videos. 

So you can become a video marketer, in which you will understand how the video is made, how the resources are added, how the video of a brand is taken in front of the people, how you put that ad on the internet. Can teach and can also teach others. 


If you know any regional language then you can give a translation service. Many companies want to translate their content into another language. They want to make their website in Tamil, they want to get it made in Punjabi, they want to translate their ads, their books, their articles into other languages.

If you have command over any regional language then you can provide translation services on the internet. 

Network Marketing

Many such companies in network marketing have made many lives and many such companies have also harmed the people. If your interest is in business, finance, money, products, then you can join any good network marketing company.

You can learn a lot about how to communicate with people, how to approach people, how to build relationships with them, how products work, how supply chains work.

But before joining any company, know about it well, that company should be right, it should have a future. 


You can take goods wholesale and sell them online from home, on such websites as Amazon, Flipkart. All these people are already doing it and earning money from home.

E-commerce is growing rapidly, many people around you have become used to buying whatever it is online. By 2026, the e-commerce industry will be worth $300 billion only in India. You can also take advantage of this.

App Development

This is for those who are interested in Tech, CS, IT, EC. Everyone has a hand, a phone in his hand and apps in his phone. In 2019, 1900 crore apps were downloaded in India.

Every brand, every business wants to have an app. In this, you can give freelance service to many app development companies. They need app developers, you can develop apps from home.

You can learn about it, it has a future, you will get benefits throughout life. Apart from this, you can also give app services to professionals and businesses. 

Web Developer

When we go to Tier-2, Tier-3 cities of India, then we get to hear from people, we must have a website. There is a lot of demand for web developers in small towns because this thing has not been explored so much there.

It is easy to learn, you can learn it, after that you can give web development service. Along with this, you can also do app development, software development can also be done. 

Meme Marketing Many

Companies, many brands, many TV series, many channels reach people through memes. They are seeing that there is a lite way to advertise yourself, to reach your brand to the people.

Meme marketing is progressing piracy slowly. Hardly you would know that there are big agencies of meme marketing. So you can give freelance service from home if you are interested in such things. Whatever is creative, digital, related to social media, should also be funny. 

Content Writer

If you are good at writing then you can become a content writer. Many websites require a content writer.

Those who need a content writer in advertising, in marketing, writing a blog also need a content writer, you can work for them. 


Another topic for those who are good at writing, there is a slight difference between copywriting and content writing.

Content writing is user-oriented, reaches the user, is written keeping the users in mind.

Copywriting is used in advertising, is used to generate leads, is used in sales. Triggering an emotion in a few words, getting your point across to the people is copywriting.

You can learn this too, as you keep learning you can increase your service fee. We also know such people who take 15000/- for writing an email but this is their expertise. 

Graphics Designer

Logo, Graphics, Design You can also provide service of these things and you can do its work from home and Earn Money Online.

This is also one such option from which many companies should do freelancing because the whole month is not working. It has many tools that you can learn online and grow your expertise.


What is Dropshipping? Dropshipping is you sell the product but you do not keep the product with you. You don’t have to ship the product, you don’t have to worry about the courier, you don’t have to worry about the logistics.

Wholesalers have products, you can put their products on your site or your digital store. You take your commission on that.

Social Media Influencer

If you want, you can become an Influencer on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube. You can build any topic, any category, or your personal brand.

But you have to follow the trend that is going on on social media. We all know that social media consumption will keep on increasing which is never going to decrease.

People are walking on the streets by looking at the mobile screen and not looking back and forth.

So to all the students who are studying till the end, we would like to thank all of them and would like to congratulate you for being serious, only then read till here.

Bottom Line

You do not have to be distracted, all the topics we have seen should not be like which one should suck, which one has more money.

We don’t want money just for a short time, we have to go long. So don’t take any such decision to quit it later.

Choose the one which is right for you, in which you really see the future, in which you can do it with your heart, you will go a long way.


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