What Is Telegram Cloud Storage and How to Use?

Today we are going to see what is Telegram Cloud Storage? You must have heard that Telegram offers cloud storage for users to store their files. But can we use Telegram Cloud Storage as cloud storage or not? We are only going to see about Telegram Cloud Storage and not about Telegram as a Messenger App. 

What is Telegram Cloud Storage?

Telegram Cloud Storage by whatainfo

Telegram Cloud Storage is a type of cloud storage that is offered by Telegram itself. Telegram Cloud Storage is a free unlimited storage service where you can store your messages, files, photos, videos and documents for free. 

How to Use Telegram Cloud Storage?

You can access Telegram Cloud Storage in 3 types.

  • By Saved Messages 
  • By Creating A Bot 
  • By Creating A Private Channel

In these three ways, you can access Telegram’s Cloud Storage and access your files from anywhere. 

Is this Cloud Storage?

The very simple and short answer to this is No, you read it absolutely right that Telegram Cloud Storage is not cloud storage. It does not have any cloud storage features, which are in original cloud storage. Like 

  • Sharing 
  • Sync 
  • Apps 
  • Proper Bandwidth 
  • Trash Bin 
  • Recovery Option 
  • Versioning 
  • File Manager 
  • Zero-Knowledge Encryption There are 

So many features in proper cloud storage, 98% of these features are not in Telegram Cloud Storage. Telegram itself calls it Telegram Cloud, so the rest also call it the same. But it does not have any such features, even it can be called Telegram Cloud. 

What is the limit of Telegram Cloud Storage?

If we talk about the storage limit of Telegram Cloud, then you can store unlimited files in it, but there is a limit in this that your single file should not be more than 2 GB. Earlier this limit used to be 1.5GB but it has been increased to 2GB. Its biggest advantage is that you get unlimited storage in Telegram Cloud. 

Is Telegram Secure?

If you talk about security, then you will get standard encrypted messages. But that too will not be fully encrypted, the encryption keys will remain with them on their other servers. This does not mean that any of his employees will be able to see him easily, it is not so at all. But if Telegram himself wants, he can see it, because he keeps the encryption key on another server.

If we talk about media files, then Telegram has not said anything special about it. It cannot be told whether zero-knowledge encryption will be available for Media Files or not. Standard Encryption has been used, whenever data is transferred the standard encryption will be applied. 

Talking about account security, you will get Two Factor Authentication, you can set Recovery Mails, you can see the active session (meaning where you were logged in) you get all this 

Privacy is also fine. Your IP address will be stored, some logs will be maintained and some metadata will also be collected. You can request Telegram as to what data is kept with them. 

Privacy is fine, it means not bad and not very good like WhatsApp. 

How is the speed of Telegram Cloud Storage?

Talking about the speed, we have not got to see such a special speed, the speed has been seen to be very slow. When we buy any cloud storage, we do not pay them for storage, we pay them for bandwidth and speed. Everyone is giving unlimited storage these days, but when bandwidth is not so good, the speed is also not so good. 

It may take about 12 to 13 minutes to upload an 800MB file and if you download it then it may take 15 to 17 minutes because of low Bandwidth and Speed. This also depends a little on your data speed, if your data speed is good then this time can be a little more. 

Does Telegram Cloud have a Trash Feature?

No, Telegram Cloud does not have a Trash feature. If you delete any file or chat by mistake then all your data is gone or deleted permanently. You will not get any option to recover it. 

If you do not use Telegram for 6 months, then your account can be deleted. Also, your media, files, cloud storage will all be deleted. Telegram can also ban users, as of now it is not happening, but if someone misuses it, then telegram can ban him. 

Maybe in the coming time telegram may also impose some restrictions. Let us tell you an anecdote that at the time of 2015, OneDrive which belongs to Microsoft used to offer unlimited storage. There were some people who were misusing it, people started uploading data up to 75TB. Because of this, Microsoft decided to limit its unlimited storage. 

Whenever telegram feels that people are misusing their system, uploading a lot of files. Although they have kept the bandwidth limited there are some people who put it for upload and then it keeps on uploading for 3-4 days. If something like this is seen by telegram, then it can also limit its unlimited storage. 

Is it right to use Telegram Cloud Storage?

If you have small files which are not so important, you just save them because you have to share them with someone. In such conditions you can use telegram, you will not suffer any harm. But if you store your important files in that then we would not recommend you to do it. 

Because Telegram Cloud is not proper cloud storage, you can only use it as temporary storage. There are many other cloud storage which is also free and very good, you can use them. Do not run behind the unlimited space of Telegram, all the other factors are also very important, you should consider them too. 

It is our job to tell the rest right and wrong, whether to implement it or not is your responsibility. Hope you got the answer to your question. What is your opinion about it, you can tell us by commenting

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