What is Google Subtopics System? 2021

On 16 October 2020, Google talked about several updates, including the magic of recognizing songs by playing and passage indexing, which was actually the passage ranking. In the midst of all this, there was another announcement on which people did not have much focus. That topic was Google Subtopics System, it doesn’t seem that important if you look in a hurry.

But if you mix it with BERT Algorithm, SMITH Algorithm, and PASSAGE RANKING, then this is a good step by Google towards getting more traffic to a good website. Today we will talk about Google’s Artificial Intelligence-based Google Subtopics System.

What is Google Subtopics System?

Google Subtopics System is a confusing topic, which we will understand with an easy example. You must have seen the movie “Sholay“, in which the real story is of Gabbar and Thakur. But in this there is a small role of Basanti’s mare ‘Dhanno’, Basanti’s aunt is also there, there is also a jailer of the times of the British and Surma Bhopali is also there.

Now just imagine what would happen if we made a complete film on every single character. Will it be a complete film? Understand that it has been completed, but will she be able to succeed? Could that movie be too boring? But if only one film is made with all these characters, then the film will be much more interesting and it will also be fun to watch, like Sholay.

Just like this, till today Google used to force you to make a film on these small characters. You all know SEO’s if you want to rank on a keyword, then a whole movie had to be made on it. Meaning, to rank a single keyword, we had to write a lot of content, even if it was of low quality.

If you gave a little information about a specific point on a page, the chances of that point being ranked were almost zero. Because Google considers the entire page and is used to rank whatever content and there is the actual content of that page. But it was very difficult to rank for additional points. That is why SEO’s had to write a complete article for additional points.

But in an announcement in October, Google has told that Google can not only understand any subtopic inside a page but can also show them in search results. You might be feeling like this passage is ranking/indexing but it is not so. This is quite different from passage ranking/indexing.

Passage ranking can show different paragraphs of the same topic within a single page for the correct search result. But the Subtopics System can show such content in the search result inside that page which is completely different from the main content of the page.

Again remember the story of the Sholay movie, the passage ranking/indexing can show different parts of Gabbar and Thakur in the search result. But the Subtopics System can also show Jailor, Dhanno, Basanti Ki Mausi, and Surma Bhopali in the search results. At the time of the announcement, Google had said that this Subtopics System would be live by the end of 2020, but according to Danny Sullivan, it had gone live in Mid-November. This topic may seem very small to you to see, but it is a big update of Google.

Google used to analyze the entire page till now. But it was a very difficult task to analyze all the pages of the entire internet and display the correct result according to the searched keywords. But if you remove any subtopic from all the text inside a page, this is not possible with normal computing. That is why this subtopic system of Google uses Artificial Intelligence. The Subtopic System uses Neural Network and this Neural Network gives Google the ability to analyze so many pages individually content and show them for a specific search.

The Google Subtopics System is much more difficult than it looks. In the last year, Google has launched many solutions based on Artificial Intelligence. Google Analytics, BERT, SMITH, Spelling Check Algorithm, and Passage Ranking are all based on Artificial Intelligence. If you understand Google’s issues well, then you must have noticed that in the last year people have started complaining that Google is not indexing their posts on their pages.

Google says that it indexes any page only when it contains unique and useful content. We all know that Google indexing has never been so skittish. For the last year, Google is doing such a thing, whose region can be updated all these. If you are reading this article till now, then it means that you are interested in writing or writing good content. That part of your good content can also be shown in the search results, which till now Google used to ignore.

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