How To Get 4000 Hours Watch Time On YouTube

Do you also want to increase your YouTube watch time?

So that your revenue grows and you can reach a broad audience. You know, a few years ago, YouTube changed its algorithm and gave more importance to watch time than views. How much time someone is spending on your video.

If people are staying on your video and spending time, then YouTube will recommend your video more and will promote it more.

It is a simple matter if YouTube will run with views, then it means that if someone came to your video and left in 1 or 3 seconds, then your view count will be done.

But if someone stops on your site then your watch time will increase. It is necessary for YouTube that people do not just come on the video, people stop on the video, engage with it, and watch as much of your video as possible. 

Whenever do you ask someone how to increase the watch time on YouTube? So the common answer to this, you will get from everyone, is to write quality content. The same thing happened when someone asked him how to plant a tree that would produce good fruits.

So the second person replies that they put quality seeds in the ground. But if you ask the same question to a farmer you will not get a common answer. You will get the answer to what kind of soil should be, what should be the season, how much water to give, which seed to sow.

That way you will get the answer to your question. I also consider myself a farmer of YouTuber who has learned a lot. So I will not tell you to just write quality content.

I will give you 5 powerful tips in which I will tell you how you can increase your watch time 

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Top 5 Tips To Get 4000 Hours Watch Time On Youtube

Longer The Better 

I am sharing this point with you from the experience of thousands of videos on the 3 channels.

For example, suppose you made a 4-minute video, which was watched by an average of 90% of the people.

Meaning that the video was seen for about 3 minutes and some seconds. The same you made another video whose duration is 12 minutes, and this video got an average of 65% views. Meaning people watched this 12-minute video for 8:00 minutes.

If asked, which of these two videos will grow more? So many people who will answer this 4-minute video will play more because its retention is 90%. He engaged people more.

But in reality, there is more chance that the 12-minute video will grow because the 12-minute video was watched by the people for 8 minutes. Those people who stayed on the platform for 8 minutes spent the time. It was a 4-minute video, and people spent 3 minutes and a few seconds of time on it.

So by making long videos, the chances of increasing the watch time of your YouTube channel increase. 

But this does not mean that you forcefully make long videos. It will depend on how your topic is, how your competition is, how much audience you are able to retain.

Forcibly passing the time, whatever you are saying, you will not be able to retain your audience. Make long videos without thinking for the duration till which you think you can engage your audience. 

Right Thumbnail and Title

Do not think of the thumbnail title of your video as just the thumbnail & title. Treat it like a resume. Just like in a job a candidate goes to the interviewer with his/her resume, the interviewer gets his/her first impression from his/her resume. He understands whether this candidate should be found or not. If he likes the resume then he takes the interview and spends more time on the candidate. We want our audience to spend more time on our video. In this case, your thumbnail and title give the first impression. Gives the audience an idea of ​​what the video will be like. If the thumbnail title does not get that impression, people will not come to your video, will not spend time with your channel. There are many people who would make over clickbait thumbnails. In some way, we write something in such a way that the audience clicks but the content inside is not relevant. The content is not matching that thumbnail. People will come in but will not spend time. Here you will get the view but not the watch time, then it will not grow the video on YouTube and will not recommend it. 

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Check What Was Work For Your Channel

This is a very simple point to say but it is very important if you want to grow your videos. To give my example, initially I used to make 1 minute or 2-minute videos. Then I tried two longer videos, some were of 14 minutes and some were even longer than 30. I saw that long video of what the audience is liking. Since then I have started making longer videos. I made a variety of videos and after a few days made two or three videos of online learning and Online Money. People gave him so much love that I understood what the audience wanted. After that, I also made many more videos on online learning, which also got a lot of love from the people. No matter how busy I am, I go to Google Analytics every month to see which words the audience is searching for more, which topics are performing more at what time and which videos are trending on my channel. 

You have made 5 videos, each video has 500-500 views and there is one video that has 2000 views. This will let you know what your audience wants. There are many ways, you can raise questions from the audience from the comments of the videos, you can make videos on it or you can make videos related to the topic which has been seen more on your channel. 

One thing you should understand is that as the season changes, the taste and choice of the people will also change. As a crater, we have to understand that and respond to it. 

Use Cards and End Screen

When I visit the channel of creators, I see that many creators do not even use cards in their videos. Don’t even put an end screen at the end of your video. What is the benefit of the card, what is the card? You can see in the below image 

This card is opened at a specified time which you can control it and whenever someone clicks on ‘i’, all the videos you have linked there will be visible. Try to put more cards in the last or second half of the video so that no one jumps at the beginning of the video. If someone wants to leave the video after watching it, then the card comes in front of him. If he likes that video then he can watch it too. This increases the watch time of your channel. You must have seen the end screen at the end of many videos, which is shown when the video ends. If someone likes your content and likes that end screen, then they will stay on your channel and will give you more watch time. 

Promote Yourself

We do not like sharing our videos on our Facebook. Express with your friend that “I made a new video”. I believe that if you have made something good if you have created something, you have done something different. So you tell it to the people without hesitation. 2 people will laugh but 8 people will take advantage of that content, enjoy that content. Even today I put a story on my personal number when my new video comes out. Because I know I have created a good thing, it should reach everyone. I tell in my video that I know that I have made this video by spending so much effort on it.

I know how many YouTubers are benefiting from it, why not tell people about my videos. Every brand does advertisements worth lakhs of rupees. Why don’t they stop making products? Because this is their vision, it is their mission that reaching the right product to the right people is a service. If you also want to grow digitally and move forward, then do not take the tension of those two or four people. Think about the millions of people you want to reach. So feel free to speak about your video. Share on your social media handles, share with your friends on your WhatsApp. But can’t spam. I am not asking to share forcibly. Share it with relevant audiences. 

Even when they had 5 subscribers for every creator, it used to be 1 view and 1 subscriber important for them and even today every view and every subscriber is important. This is mine too, for me every viewer and every subscriber is important. Every subscriber and every viewer should be important for you too because they have a big contribution to our success. 

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