How To Become a Software Architect? Full Information

When a person decides to make a career in the software development field, then one thing always comes to his mind, how will the career progress, and what will happen in the future? Based on many surveys, it can be said that the future of Software Architect seems bright.

So today we will know what to do to become a Software Architect? What things should be kept in mind and which skills should be developed?

What Should We Do To Become a Software Architect?

There are many career options available for science students. But if you want to become a Software Architect, then many types of Education qualifications as well as Experience are necessary. Those who want to move forward in the Software Architect line do a Masters Degree in Computer Science. So let’s understand step by step.

1. Completion of studies

First of all, you have to pass 12th and B.Sc in Computer Science from any good college. For this, you should have a Science stream in 12th in which one subject should be Computer Science. After this, if you want, you can also do B.Sc from IGNOU and many successful developers have not done any graduation degree but are successful architects. For this, you will have to learn everything by yourself, through tutoring and online classes.

You can do any course from Bachelor of Computer Science, Information Technology or Bachelor of Software Engineering. Apart from this, you can also do any other course related to Software Development. If you choose a graduation course, then after that even if you do a master’s degree, it will make your career more advanced. By the way, there are many colleges from where you can do all these courses. But we are telling you about something.

Where to study to become a Software Architect?

  • Birla Institute Of Technology And Science Pilani
  • TIET – Thapar Institute of Engineering And Technology
  • Jamia Millia Islamia University
  • IIT Hyderabad
  • IIT Kharagpur
  • Indian Institute Of Science

2. Gather Experience

Along with your graduation, you also have to take experience. Because if you take experience during your studies, through an internship, or any kind of work, then by the time you complete your graduation, you will have more experience than the rest of the students in your class. Due to which you stay ahead of the rest in college placement or higher education.

You have to get experience by working as a Computer Programmer and Software Developer. A Software Architect needs that can understand the syntax of different languages ​​and can write code. The best way to be an expert in this is to take maximum experience.

3. Learn To Work In The Development Team

You must know that to reach the last ladder of success, you have to take the first step firstly. Working in the Development Team is the third step in the ladder of that success. We have already discussed the first and second. So how to work in Development Team?

When you go to an internship or job, their software developers have to work on a project in the team itself. In such a situation, you should come to teamwork, the more you support your colleague, the more chances you will have to move forward.

4. Learn About Software Design Patterns and Architecture

Learn as much as you can about Software Design Patterns and Architecture. Because if you want to become a Software Architect, then for this you should have complete knowledge of Design and Architecture. You also need this kind of information to lead a team.

5. Have a thorough understanding of Programming Concepts

To start your career as a Software Architect, you should always have the right knowledge of programming languages ​​and modalities. As a Software Architect, you do not have to do coding all day. But you have to lead a developer’s team. For which you will have to become an expert in Coding. Coding is needed when you have to collaborate with other teams, review the code, or correct code errors on any other important occasion.

That’s why you should have a complete understanding of Programming Concepts. During your course itself, you can start learning programming with different programming languages ​​like C++, Python, RUBY, GO. Apart from this, you can create many small projects. Which you can put on your blog and explain in YouTube videos, which may others can see or learn from it. You can also participate in many Coding Challenges to increase your Programming Skills.

6. Enter the world of IT as a Software Developer.

Software Architect is not an Entry Level Career Domain. Meaning you cannot become a Software Architect as soon as you go to a company. It is considered one of the posts of Software Developer. That’s why you have to first take experience on the profile of a developer.

Meanwhile, apart from Coding Skills, to become a Software Architect, you have to understand the rest of the things as a Developer. Such as Teamwork, Task Allocation, Project SDLC, and Clients’ Requirements Analysis, etc.

7. Clear All Concepts

Once you enter the field of Software Development and become an expert in Programming Language and Framework, now you have to work towards your goal. Meaning now you have to update your skills to become a Software Architect.

A Software Architect is responsible for many tasks. That’s why you have to be familiar with many important domains like System Design, Development Operations, DEV-OPS, and many advanced things. You should have a deep understanding of concepts like Design Patterns, Architecture, Fundamentals of Data Modeling, Unified Modeling Languages.

8. Collect Certificates

Let us see what certificates are required for a Software Architect. Certifications give recognition to your skills and studies. Apart from this, possessing these certificates can help you in getting various career opportunities in the world of IT. There are many prestigious certificates which you can get according to your interest. Some of these certificates are

Which certificates should be taken to become a Software Architect?

  • International Software Architecture Qualification Board (ISAQB)
  • Certified IT Architecture (CITA-P)
  • IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Master AXELOS
  • Azure Architect Certification

Some Extra Skill You Have To Learn

To become the Best Software Architect, you should know some things, which every company looks for in an Employee. Like you have skills like Software Architecture, Java Programming, C# Programming, C++ Programming, Application Architecture, Micro Services, AWS, Python Programming, Autonomy, and some modern languages. Must have a good understanding of TeamSite, Microsoft Azure.

What are the jobs of Software Architect?

A Software Architect is a Computer Programmer or Software Developer, who determines which Processes and Technology the Development Team should use. As a Software Architect, you can also solve Coding Problems and build High-Performance Software systems with other Experts.

It is your role that you find and bring such Structured Software Solutions for your company so that the goals and technical needs of the company are fulfilled.

What are the Duties of Software Architects?

  • Meeting with clients, understanding their business goals, identifying their needs, and designing software according to their needs. This is one of the basic tasks of a Software Architect.
  • Creating a team for the application that is planned to be made, who will work to design and build that application.
  • Developing a Unique Application Platform for each of your clients, so that more and more people get influenced by the work.
  • Working on new projects with different developers.
  • Working within the deadline for projects or releases, so that the clients can know that you are on time and the work of any client is not missed due to the deadline.

What is the Salary of a Software Architect?

This career is not only beautiful but also financially beneficial. According to the upgrad, the average salary of a Software Architect is around 21 lakh per annum (this salary is available for working in India, if you work abroad then you are given a salary of up to 80 lakhs).

But this salary is that of a Software Architect, to become that you will have to work as a Software Developer for many years. The salary of a software developer is less than that of a software architect. A Software Architect is an IT Professional, who is an expert in Software Development.

Salary depends on your experience, education, skills and in which company you work. Like most jobs, you can get a decent salary if you work for a well-established company. If you have your own software business then your income can be unlimited.

Which Companies Hire Software Architects?

  • Robert Bosch Engineering And Business Solutions Limited.
  • SAP Labs India.
  • Wipro Technologies Limited.
  • Tata Consultancy Services Limited.
  • UST Global Inc.
  • Nokia Inc.
  • Cerner Corporation.

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