Advantages for Social Media

Hi, hello, what’s up, what’s going on, how do you do?

Yes, these are the words that are just roaming around us in this modern era of Technology.

In the morning the first thing we all do is check out social media. The last thing we all do before going to bed is also checking out social media. And the only thing we all do throughout the day in our free time is also checking out social media.

Yes, the audience, what’s your opinion? I know most of the answers will definitely be yes. The various inventions of scientists have made life easier and happier for all the generations.

Social media is one of those modern means of communication that has gained popularity in recent times.

But its advantages and disadvantages have always been the topic of discussion for all of us. 

Advantages for Social Media

Starting with the advantages the first with I would like to mention is Education


Social media has a lot of benefits in education for students and teachers as well. It is really an effective tool no doubt.

Online studies and audio, visual studies can be done easily as information is available at the fingertips. And studying by this method helps students in grasping things easily and fastly. 

Latest Updates

Another advantage is we get the latest updates about the happening and the problems going on in our country and all over the world.

Also using social media in our free time gives us peace and relaxation for mainly the youth. 


Another advantage and the main advantage is using social media for connectivity, for communication. We understood it’s really important in this Corona period.

Because now during this pandemic situation when we all can not step out of our homes can’t go out to meet our friends, family, relatives and the ones whom we relate to.

Social media has become our support, at this time also we are able to talk to each other and are able to connect with each other. Although we welcome the blessing and the advantages of social media. 

Disadvantages of Social Media

We have to consider the other side of the picture also that its Disadvantages


It is one of the most dangerous disadvantages of social media.

Because personal data and privacy can be easily hacked and shared on the internet, This can cause financial losses as well as loss to personal life. 


Social media’s another disadvantage is mostly seen among the teenagers, like me and you all there.

Because we all are mostly affected by the Addiction of social media. Many students get distracted from their studies because of social media. 

At the same time, using social media for too much time also causes harm to our eyes and brain. Because of this radio waves penetrate through electronic devices.

Therefore, excess usage of social media is also harmful for our health. You guys might be wondering why I am blaming social media this much? Is social media really a bad thing?

That’s not the fact, I’m not saying that using social media is a bad thing. We can definitely use it but in a positive way. So that it should not leave any negative impact on us.

It is in the hands of the users to use it in a positive or a bad way. I myself have learned many new things and explored many things from social media and so as you all can. 

According to me, it is in the hands of the users. If you have to use it for a good purpose or for the other.

Because social media is really a good platform to demonstrate your knowledge, talent and skills.

So take the decision, it’s now the time. till then be happy, stay safe, be healthy… 

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