15 High CPC Topics or Niche for YouTube Channel

If it is your dream to earn a lot of money from YouTube, then this information is going to be very useful for you. Quite often it happens that we write a post or make a video, so sometimes we earn very well even with fewer views. Sometimes the views come a lot but earning is not that much. All this happens because of Keyword or Topic or Niche, meaning that our income depends on whatever keyword we have written the article on.

So today we are going to tell you 15 such topics in which CPC is high. By the way, there are many other such topics on which you can earn more money even with fewer views. But we will tell you 15 such topics, if you create a YouTube channel on them, then you can earn a lot of money. Even fewer views will come on your video, even then you will be able to earn a good and you will not have to work too hard. Apart from this, let us tell you that if you work hard and grow the channel a little, then you can earn more.

In the 15 topics that we will tell you today, you will get more Cost-Per-Click (CPC), which means you will get more income on fewer views than Google AdSense, as well as you will also get sponsorship, which will also be very expensive. Sponsorship will also keep getting you more so that you can earn double money and you can also get money from Affiliate.

15 High CPC Niche for YouTube Channel


You will not get to see some special competition in Cryptocurrency. You can create your own Cryptocurrency channel, where you can talk about Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Tether. All about cryptocurrency like updated price, new crypto launch, how to invest in cryptocurrency, their pros & cons.


To say that there is a lot in finance, you will not have any shortage of content in it. You can tell all about banking. What is a credit card, what is banking, what is finance, everything comes in finance? Finance is a very big topic, you will not be short of content, you can create so much content and even here you will get to see high CPC and will also get sponsorship.


The third one is a loan, you can make a video on a loan. You can create a channel on which you can talk about loans or you can talk about Term Insurance, Jeevan Bhima. Insurance around the world is Life Insurance, Motor Insurance, Health Insurance, Travel Insurance, Property Insurance, Mobile Insurance You can make videos about them. You will get a high CPC on the insurance topic as well as sponsorship can be very expensive.

Share Market

There is a lot to tell in the share market too. You can talk about Mutual Fund, you can talk about Systematic Investment Plan, you can talk about Stock Market. Keep in mind one thing that doesn’t give tips because it has to be registered.

Digital Marketing

If you know digital marketing, then you will also get a lot of sponsorship on this and you will get high CPC separately. Digital marketing is also a very big topic.

You can talk about Ads, Search Engine Optimization, Pay-per-Click, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Marketing Analytics there are many things that you can talk about.

Domain & Hosting

You can talk about Domain and Hosting, you can teach Blogging here. There is a lot of money in this, in this topic you can earn more in fewer views. In Domain & Hosting, you get high CPC, get sponsorship, and can also do Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

If you create your YouTube channel on Affiliate Marketing then you can earn very well. There are many types of Affiliate Marketing, there is also Amazon and it happens on many other websites. Out of all the companies around the world that do online business, almost all of them run Affiliate Programs so that you can earn good money.

Payment Gateway

If you want, you can make a proper channel on it. There are payment gateways around the world, you can create their tutorials. You will get Affiliate, Sponsorship and also get good CPC on how they work, who uses them as well.

Online Earning

You can teach people to do Online Earning. Means How To Make Money Online, How To Earn Money Online and such videos get more views as well as get more money.


If you create a channel related to e-commerce, then you will get a lot to tell in this too. How to create an e-commerce website, how to list products, can tell about a program like Shopify. You can earn a lot even with fewer views and will also get sponsorship.

Software Reviews

Even if you do software reviews, you can get very good money. Affiliate is also available as well as sponsorship is also available. In this, you can give information about new applications, software, and online tools.


You can create your channel on Business Ideas. In this also you will get many things i.e. Affiliate, Sponsorship, as well as high CPC, will also be available.

College Universities

If you make videos on College Universities, which college is good, which university is good, which college should take admission. In this also you also get sponsorship, referral also, joining amount is also available.


You do not have to work hard in this, just you should know how to talk to people, get things out of people. You can create your own channel in which you will take interviews of people. Interviews should be such that people are inspired by seeing the interview and there you must talk about Earning, use this keyword necessary.

You also get very good CPC on this type of topic and you can also do Affiliate and Sponsorship.

So these were the 15 Keywords or Topics on which you can create your YouTube channel and earn a lot of money. With their help, you can generate good income not only from AdSense but also from Sponsorships and Affiliates.

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