How Much Traffic Can Shared Hosting Handle?

Friends, today we are going to see how much traffic Shared Hosting can handle? Can your site be down due to more traffic? And after how much traffic you should shift your site to another hosting like Cloud Hosting or Dedicated Hosting? Today we are going to see about all these, first of all,

Understand that there is no such thing as Unlimited. Whatever you will see in Shared Hosting is just a marketing technique and nothing else. It is not going to happen that you will bring in millions of traffic every day and shared hosting will handle it. 

Shared Hosting’s traffic also depends on your site’s structure and media files. Meaning how you have put your site on hosting

Think of it in such a way that suppose you have prepared 2 computers which work very well, their performance is also the same, both have SSD, good RAM, good processor. 

Now in such a situation, the speed of your computer will depend on what you are working on. Like you are editing a video, you are adding effects, animations, applying filters, transitions, and sound effects to make the video look good on the first computer. On another computer, you are just doing normal editing. 

Which computer do you think will give you more performance? Your answer will be second, because you are doing normal editing on another computer, due to which there will not be much load on that computer. 

Something similar happens with your website as well. So let us tell you some factors due to which the traffic handling capability of your hosting server can increase or decrease. 

How Much Traffic Can Shared Hosting Handle?

Resources Consuming  

If your site consumes more resources, has many functions, and has many videos, audio, and images, it will consume more hosting resources. In this case, your hosting will be able to handle less traffic. 

Cache Plugin

Cache Plugin reduces a load of your hosting server to a great extent. If you use the cache plugin and optimize it well, your shared hosting will be able to handle good traffic. 

Real-time users

If you are using a plan of Hostinger whose visitors limit is 25000 and if 25000 users come to your site simultaneously, your server may crash. If too many users are coming to your site at the same time, then your hosting will be able to handle less traffic. 


Means how fast your website is loading. If the speed of your hosting server is good and your site loads very fast, then your user experience will also be good. There is also a special thing that if the speed of your site is good then your shared hosting will also get a good traffic handle. 

how? Understand that the loading time of your site is 5 seconds, then every user will use your resources for 5 seconds. The same if the site is loaded in 1 second, then every user will use the resources only for 1 second. 

In such a situation, due to less load time, resources will continue to be freed more quickly and they will continue to be used by other users. In this condition, your shared hosting server will be able to handle more traffic. 

Type of Website

It also depends on what type of website your website is. It also depends on whether you have a blog, your e-commerce website, whether your site is a plain HTML website or PHP script. 

Like in the blog you will be able to get more traffic, in an e-commerce store you will not be able to get much traffic because there are many operations of the database, lots of HD images and you cannot optimize everything through the cache plugin.

That’s why you will get more traffic in blog, less e-commerce, plain HTML site will get more because there is not much media and files in it and in the script it will depend on its requests and how you have written it. 

Neighbor Effect

If you use Shared Hosting, someone other than you is also using your same server. The traffic handle of your server also depends on how it manages its sites, how it uses its servers. 

Hosting Plan

Shared hosting also has a lot of plans, there are some such plans basic/premium/business. If you have taken a basic plan then you will get less traffic in it. As you keep on upgrading the plan, your traffic limit will also increase. 

Not Using CDN

CDN also matters a lot if you use a cheap plan and even if you use a premium plan, CDN can also be beneficial for you. If your website uses high-resolution images or contains videos, then using a good CDN can prove to be good for you. 

CDN itself handles some traffic, so in this case, the load of your server is also reduced and the website also gets loaded fast. Cloudflare is a good free CDN and it is very easy to set up, you can also use it. 

These were some of the questions that beginners often ask about how much traffic shared hosting can handle. 

When should you not use Shared Hosting?

Based on experience, shared hosting can handle traffic from 25,000 to 300,000. It depends on which plan you use. 

If your site’s traffic is up to 3 lakh, then you can use shared hosting. If the traffic is more than 3 lakhs, we recommend that you do not use shared hosting. Even we recommend you to shift your site to good hosting when your site visitors cross 150,000/month

No one can tell how much traffic shared hosting can actually. It all depends on the factors mentioned above.


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