What Is Silo Structure and How To Create? SEO

Do you want to rank in High Competition Keywords? Do you want to beat websites like Justdial and Practo? Want to rank your site better? For this, you can use Silo Structure

But what is Silo Structure? How is it made? How is it used? Can it be implemented on WordPress? And can I implement it on Blogger? Today we are going to give you the answers to all these questions in this article. 

Silo just the name sounds difficult but you can understand it very easily. 

To understand the Silo Structure, you forget the Silo for a while. Suppose you have a plant, how does the plant growth when it grows? Either it will grow upwards and it will become a big tree or it will spread on the ground itself. 

Horizontal growth has to grow upwards and vertical growth has to grow on the ground itself. Science students will understand the X-axis, Y-axis. The thing either grows horizontally or grows vertically. 

When the website grows horizontally, which means the structure of its content is horizontal, then it is called Flat Structure

Where a website grows vertically, it is called Silo Structure

The name silo is derived from the word silage and silage is said to be the fodder of animals that are saved for the animals to eat in winter. The English language came from Europe where winters are extremely long and harsh. 

How will the animals graze outside when there is snow for 8 months in a year? Therefore, in the summer, people collect grass and other fodder and fill it in deep pits in the ground. It may have been cold outside, but it was warm inside the ground, which makes this fodder good. 

So the fodder was called Silage and the pits in which that fodder was kept are called Silo

To understand Silo easily, do not give ILU to SILO

and understand FLAT as FLIRT, 

You are on one side, another side is your home page and on the other side is your subjects i.e. pages or topics. Flirt is done by many people, all the pages are tied everywhere, they are all connected with the home page. There is no seriousness with anyone. 

On the other hand, there is Silo, which we will call ILU, in this you know everything about a single person, your 100% focus on that one. 

In the same way, you spend time on the same topic on the website, write content on it, there is a deep structure, there are pages one after the other in the same category, which give information about that topic to the user. 

What are the advantages of Silo Structure?

Covers All Related Keywords 

When you select a topic or keyword and do a lot of work on it, then you cover all the related keywords of the same subject. 

Example: Your keyword is the website. 

In this, you will not only write about making a website but how a website is made, how many types of websites are there, what kind of site do you want to make in the present time, which site people like more, which web hosting is used and on which topic to make your site. You should cover all of these. 

In this process, you will cover all the keywords related to the website.

Proves Expertise On The Subjectengines

A lot of content on a single keyword or topic gives you a chance to prove your expertise in front of Search Engines. You have only one website on which a lot of information is getting about the same topic, so why would search engines recommend any other website. 

Provide More Content To Visitor

A normal user who comes to a page of your website has information on your website to get information about more than one thing. In this way, you can convert one visit into many page visits. 

The more time a visitor spends on your website, the more you will get the benefit. 

Distributed Pagerank Properly Among Pages helps

you to properly distribute the Pagerank that your domain and internal pages are getting. 

Brings Order and Structure To Your Website 

The biggest and best thing is that Silo formats the structure of your website. If you are making a business website then it is important to have a structure. Even if you are blogging professionally, it is important to have a structure. 

How to make Silo Structure?

To create the Silo Structure, we take the previous example only. 

The home page means the main page of our website and now we have to create Silos for it. 

So the first branch can be how to create a website, the second type of website, the topic of the third website (meaning on which topic to build the website) and the fourth can be which web hosting to choose for the website. 

You can tell about how to make different websites in How to Create a Website. Like how to make an e-commerce website, how to make a blog site and how to make a website for an industry. You can cover all these in the deep. 

Each box here represents a page. 

In this way, you can cover a topic in detail and if a visitor comes to any page of that topic, then his chances of going to other articles also increase. 

Wait, right now the silo is made only on paper, not on the website. Once your pages are created, your real work will begin. 

Till now we have written only content and in writing content in this way only Silo Structure will not come in your website. 

How to come up with Silo Structure? That will come from Internal Linking. You can create Silo Structure on your website by doing internal linking. 

How to do Internal Linking in Silo?

While doing internal linking in a silo structure, keep in mind that silo 1 does not pass the link to silo 2. All silos only interact with the home page and not other silos. 

If you want, you can make two parts inside one silo. Like e-commerce websites in WordPress, e-commerce websites in coding and can give interlinks to them in a silo. 


1. Can the silo structure be used for blogs or affiliate sites?

Yes, of course, we have taken the website, you can take any topic at that place. You have to follow every step and a silo structure will be created on your website. 

2. Should Pages or Posts be used for silo structure?

This question comes the most to WordPress people. What is the difference between posts and pages? Posts have a date of publication, a post has a writer, a post has categories and tags. But all this does not happen in pages, pages will not be old. You can use pages for a business website. 

3. What is the difference between Silo Structure and Pillar Page?

A silo is a structure and a pillar page is a page. If we put a link to a lot of pages on this page on how to make a website, then it became a pillar page. On whichever page you publish the links of many pages at once, it will become a pillar page. 

So the silo itself is a structure, the page is not. A comparison cannot be made between these two. Silo is a room. A pillar page is furniture placed in it, you cannot compare the room with the furniture. 

4. Does silo increase click depth, will it hurt SEO?

Click depth is counted from the landing page of the user to the desired page. If most of your users are landing on the home page, then you need to improve your SEO campaign. So that your internal pages also rank, they also get traffic from search engines. 

5. Can the silo structure be used in Blogger as well?

Yes, internal links can be created in Blogger, you can implement silos in the same way as you do on other sites. All you have to do is plan, publish content, build internal links. 


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