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Make Website Fast With Google | Cloudflare Automatic SXG

Do you know Google has made website speed a ranking factor?

But if there is such a way that Google itself increases the speed of your website? And setting it up is so easy? 

We will not discuss AMP, AMP is now an old story. 

There is such a method, which exists and you can also use it easily. 

To make the website fast, we make various efforts for this. Even after trying many tips like Buying Expensive Hosting, Cache Plugin, Performance Plugin, Optimization Plugin and still website does not load fastly. 

Sometimes LCP, sometimes FID and sometimes CLS issues and a new problem have also come that now the speed of your website will be a ranking factor. 

Why Google made website speed a ranking factor?

In fact, Google has made website speed a ranking factor because Google wants more and more people to improve the speed of the website to improve its performance. Due to this, Google will get two advantages, 

  1. having a fast website, the links which are visible on the Google search results page, the user will be able to visit the website as soon as possible by clicking on it. If the website does not load quickly after clicking on the link, then the normal user may start blaming the search engine instead of the website.
  2. Due to having a fast website, Google’s crawlers are able to crawl every website quickly. Due to which Google can crawl more websites in a limited time.

Google is a big company but everyone wants to save resources to use somewhere. 

But increasing the speed of their website for website owners is a big challenge in itself. Just upgrading hosting or getting Best Web Hosting doesn’t work. 

Many features, functions are responsible for reducing the speed of the website. But these functions, features and options make the website easy, attractive to the user and make it useful. 

You have to strike a balance between features and performance

You must have heard the name of Cloudflare, the world’s most popular CDN company that provides CDN service to millions of websites for free. 

Cloudflare Has Launched Automatic SXG

Cloudflare has launched an Automatic SXG service for websites and you can enable it with just one click, which will make your website faster

But before setting it up, you have to understand what is Automatic SXG and how does it speed up the website? How does the performance of your website increase that too with Google? 

Google also launched an AMP framework for fast website delivery but it has its own issues. Google has closed AMP, you can read about it with the help of the link given below. 

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What is Cloudflare Automatic SXG?

SXG stands for Signed Exchanged whose main purpose is to authenticate the origin of a file. Like if you watch a video randomly on YouTube in which 21 ways to earn money online for students have been talked about but we do not have our voice in it nor are we appearing in it. In such a situation, you cannot say that that video is ours. 

But have our voice in that video, we are visible ourselves, so you can confirm and say that yes it is you and you have made this video. 

So here’s our appearance in that video and our voice is a signature. We call this information Signed Exchanged (SXG)

How does Cloudflare Automatic SXG work?

Suppose you have enabled SXG on your website through Cloudflare. Cloudflare will take the content of your website, remove the header from it, add a header of its own, cache these data, and then send all this data to Google’s crawler. 

What will happen to Google’s crawlers now?

Data on your page that is cached and Signed Exchanged (SXG). Signed Exchanged (SXG) tells the browser that the data that has come is only from, it has not come from anywhere else or fake data. So when a link to your page starts appearing on the search results page, Google sends your page’s cached data and Signed Exchanged (SXG) to the user’s browser in the background. 

By looking at Signed Exchanged (SXG), the browser can confirm that yes this data really came from “which is your site”

So the browser already has all the data of your page in the background of the browser. As soon as a user clicks on the link of your website, the browser will combine the data and render the page. In such a situation, it will seem that your website is very fast. 

But what actually happened was that your website itself got served from Google’s cache, just like noodles ready just in two minutes. 

All this sounds very technical but it is very easy to link it with your website. Which is made easy by Cloudflare. 

However, Cloudflare offers this feature only to those who are its paid customers. Cloudflare has started offering Signed Exchanged (SXG) service only to those who are its paid members and this feature has gone live from 14th September 2021. 

How To Setup Cloudflare Signed Exchanged (SXG)

Log in to Cloudflare

Select your website Select the

Speed ​​section from the top menu select

Then click on optimization

Finally, if you are a Cloudflare Premium member then just enable the checkbox here

Which Browser Does Cloudflare Support For SXG?

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Opera

These three browsers already support SXG but the other two do not. In the future, Firefox may also support SXG but Safari will not. 

In browsers that do not support SXG, your website will load via the Cloudflare edge network. But the Cloudflare edge network is not as fast as the SXG system. 

Cloudflare Signed Exchanged (SXG) Is Paid?

Yes, Cloudflare Signed Exchanged (SXG) service is a paid service that starts from $20/month. You get a lot of benefits in the paid function, only SXG is not the only one. 

We have another article about how to link Cloudflare with your website, you can take its help. 

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