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Content Writing Tips For Beginners Website For 2021

Content Writing is a skill for Bloggers and SEO’s which is common, important but still mostly ignored. Bloggers still focus on their writing and are always trying to correct or improve it. But SEO’s focus very little on writing, while it also harms them. 

Today we will see how you can write better with keeping in mind the SEO guidelines, whether you focus on on-page SEO, technical SEO or link building. You have to know good content writing, if you know how to write well, then only you will be able to implement or write good content. 

Whatever you get to learn today, you will get the benefit of it as much as you practice it. Some people are naturally good writers, like poets, story writers, they can write their words in good and attractive words because they are naturally talented. The rest of the innocent people like us, if they want to write well, then they have to work hard and practice a lot for that. 

Through the following tips, you will get to know in which direction you have to work hard. If you look on YouTube, you will find many innocent people who are giving Content Writing tips in the name of On-Page SEO. On-Page SEO and Content Writing are different things, content writing is very important but only good writing is not on-page SEO.

So we divide the point of writing well into two parts 

  • Basic Tips
  • Long-Term Practices

Basic Tips 

First of all, we talk about basic tips, 

Write a Small Sentences

Whether you write in English, Hindi or in any language. Write, whether you write a blog, write content for a website or write for any other reason. If you want the search engine to rank it, understand it and suggest it to the users, then write your point in short and easy sentences. 

Good Short and Easy paragraphs and sentences are more likely to be ranked. There are two reasons for this. 

Search Engine Can’t Easily Understand Human Language

Search Engines themselves do not understand the human language well yet. More recently, the open AI-based language model GPT3 has been launched which has 175 billion language parameters. But still, he is not able to write properly usable text. 

In such a situation, the chances of understanding the very difficult sentences of the search engine are very less. If Search Engines will not understand your article properly, then they will not even rank for the right keyword. That’s why short sentences are good, use them. 

The Understanding Level of Every User Are Different

The audience is different. What you understand easily, maybe a little difficult for your readers to understand. When you write in a very easy language, the chances of your content reaching more people increases and people read it with interest.

It is easy to speak on any topic but it is difficult to explain it in the easiest language. 

Don’t Read The Content of Your Competitor

People will say that you should read the content of your competitor, we should use more time keywords than he has used, we should use more headlines than he has used. 

But all these are useless things, when you create your content by reading the content of your competitor, then the chances of this increase that you will write in the same style as your competitor. But if you write the same as your competitor, then why would Google rank such a copied content whose original version already exists with them. 

Analyze your competitor’s content, understand what kind of links or sites they are linking to internally or externally, but do not read it. 

Use Proper Headline Tags

Headline Tags i.e H1, H2, H3 implement all these properly and correctly. At this point, many people have some confusion, 

Many people think that H1, H2, H3 is the ranking factor, and the answer is No H1, H2, H3 is not the ranking factor. 

But you should still pay attention to H1, H2, H3 tags. Now the question must be coming to your mind that when it is not a ranking factor then why use them too? See H1, H2, H3 are HTML tags and technically having them or not doesn’t affect rank. 

But when you use H1, H2, H3 tags then you are basically formatting your content properly. You start the important part of the page with the heading, your content gets a shape and it is easy for readers to read it. 

The heading gives users the option to take a break. Reading a 1000 words article in one go maybe a bit boring, but if it has 2 headings and the user takes a break after finishing one heading and then starts reading another then he gets some rest.

This type of formatting makes the article easier for your users to read and understand. They like to read and they go back after reading more and more or the whole article and in such a situation google is also happy on your site. 

So technically H1, H2, H3 are not ranking factors, Google does not give them any importance. But by using them, when you format your content, it is easy for the user to read it, Google likes it and ranks your content well. 

So do not use H1, H2, H3 heading tags without thinking, use only to format your article or content properly. 

Make Text Impressive and Attractive

Decorate the text of your article. Do not ignore Bold, Italic, Table and Bullets Point. Bold, Italic, Table Content and Bullets Points attract users to that particular part, helping them to read and remember that particular point. 

A common approach is to bold the keywords, which is also true, but a lot of people make it bold as many times as the keyword is repeated on the page. Like Google got a cataract, 

First, stop inserting unnaturally keywords in your content again and again and even if you have done so, then there is no need to tell google by bolding it. Bullets Points also give strength to your content, through which you list important things that the user can remember. Therefore content using Bold, Italic, Table and Bullets Point ranks well. 

Use Keywords Perfectly

Keyword Density is a myth but keywords are very important. The problem is that most people do not use keywords where they have the most impact. There are 5 such places in your content where keywords should be used. 

Where should the keyword be placed in the blog post?

It is very important to place the keywords correctly and in the right place in your blog post. If you do not use the keyword in the right place, then you do not get the benefit that you are going to get.

You can place the keyword in 5 places so that its effect is more. it’s something like this

  1. Meta Title
  2. Meta Description
  3. H1 Tag
  4. At Least Once In The Anchor Text of The Internal Link
  5. At Least Once In The Anchor Text of The External Link

The keyword should be used naturally in these five places and should not be inserted forcefully. There is no need to repeat the same keyword. Google cannot understand the language very well but can extract its meaning from the combination of words. 

So if your keyword is kid’s bed then you can also use beds for children. If you are not sure, then do a search on google to see if Google is understanding them correctly or not. 

So these were some tips which you must use but there are some other tips which will help you to write better. 

Long Term Practices

Daily Practice

As we said in the beginning, you have to work hard to write well. You won’t start content writing well in a day or a month. By writing daily and continuously, your speed will increase and gradually you will start writing better than best. 

Think Like a Reader

Content Writing for a blog or website, we should always think from the reader’s perspective. People do not come to read normal things on the search engine, they mostly come with a question that they need an answer to. You not only have to answer them but also guide them properly. Even a small child can understand it easily, you have to write some such content. 

Do not write too long

One thing is very much spread that if you write more and more content then only your post will rank. Think that if you are shown a 2500 words article for any two-line answer, what will be your reaction?

It is obvious that you do not even read it, everyone needs the answer to their question in the least number of words. If everyone liked reading and writing so much, then everyone would have become a Topper and a Scientist. right? 

So in Short you can explain your point, users will like it and google will also rank well. Neither write to keep your content thin nor write to make it bigger, but write just enough for the user to get the answer to his question. 

Correct Spelling and Grammatical Mistakes

Spelling and Grammar mistakes can confuse even normal users and also search engines. When users and search engines will not understand your point properly, then you will not even get a better rank. 

To fix spelling and grammar Grammarly Don’t rely solely on it, it’s just software’s, they can be wrong too. So read by yourself and give a human feel to your article. 


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